I am currently a linguistic anthropology Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma. I’m interested in community-based language revitalization and language documentation/description with Oklahoma Native American languages. Some of the time I am collecting and analyzing linguistic data. Other times I am involved in collaborative work with community members. As a graduate student, a lot of the time I am reading and writing.Bingo1

So far I’ve focused on Native American languages currently or recently spoken in Oklahoma. My M.A. is in Applied Linguistic Anthropology and my thesis work analyzed classificatory verbs in Plains Apache, an Athabaskan language spoken in Oklahoma. My Ph.D. work involves the Master-Apprentice language learning program of Chickasaw Nation in Ada, OK.

I love teaching and mentoring at workshops. I was a mentor at the 2010, 2012, and 2014 Oklahoma Breath of Life, Silent No More workshops. I co-taught the FLEx 1 and 2 courses at the 2014 Institute on Collaborative Language Research (CoLang) last summer. I will co-teach the FLEx 1 and 2 courses at the 2016 Institute on Collaborative Language Research.

I’m originally from Arkansas, and I earned my B.A. in Spanish and French from the University of Arkansas. When I studied abroad in Spain in 2007, I studied Basque in Donostia. I wrote my B.A. thesis over the Basque education systems in Spain and France.